Live footage shows off the Pixel 9 Pro, confirms its camera design

Well, there’s no denying it anymore. The upcoming Pixel 9 phones will resemble Bender from Futurama. After dealing with countless leaks, looking at renders and following word of mouth, we finally have some alleged live images of the Pixel 9 Pro, and they seem to confirm the new and very interesting design.

Although these are live images from the phone, you still want to take this news with a grain of salt. These images look legitimate, but we can’t confirm with 100% accuracy that they are from the Pixel 9 Pro. So while these look convincing, it’s always best to wait for Google to officially confirm the information before passing judgment.

Alleged live images of the Pixel 9 Pro surface

The most noticeable thing about the Pixel 9 leaks is a new design for the camera bump. When we first got news about the Pixel 9, we saw that the camera bump could potentially be a large pill-shaped protrusion on the back of the phone. This contrasts with the full-length camera visor we’ve seen from the Pixel 6 phone series.

The live images come to us from Rozetked and they show us what appears to be the Pixel 9 Pro. One thing that adds to the legitimacy of these leaks is something that they don’t really draw attention to. The reflection in the first image shows what appears to be some sort of factory or warehouse location.

In the same image we see information about the phone through the quick boot mode info screen. It reveals information such as the RAM (16 GB LPDDR5 RAM) and storage (128 GB). So this can confirm that this phone comes with 16GB of RAM.

Pixel 9 Pro Live Footage (1)

Now on to the design

The next image looks a little weird, but that’s because it’s been crudely photoshopped. At least we see the Bender-style camera bump. It’s significant enough to cast a pretty noticeable shadow, and its edges look quite sharp. That’s one of the reasons why people have been cautious with this device.

Within the camera bump we see three sensors. In addition, we see the LED flash and below it something that looks like the next generation of the temperature sensor. If so, it seems like Google has more confidence in this feature, which was hailed as a gimmick when it first came out.

Pixel 9 Pro Live Footage (1)
Pixel 9 Pro Live Footage (2)
Pixel 9 Pro Live Footage (3)

If we look at the back plate, we see that it is frosted glass. Even in the poor light the color looks beautiful.

Flat sides

The sides of the phone look flatter compared to previous Pixel phones. These are what people call “iPhone-like” sides. Honestly, if you replaced the Bender-style camera package with an iPhone-style camera island, it would be pretty much indistinguishable from a current iPhone. However, Apple didn’t invent flat sides.

Pixel 9 Pro Live Footage (6)
Pixel 9 Pro Live Footage (5)
Pixel 9 Pro Live Footage (4)
Pixel 9 Pro Live Footage (3)

One thing about the shape of the phone is that it is very round. The edges are rounded to match the front and back of the phone. It almost gives the device a less refined look compared to the iPhone and Galaxy S24/S24+. However, this is only by looking at the images provided.

The side view of the phone gives us an idea of ​​how far the camera package extends from the phone. Honestly, this doesn’t seem to be subtle at all. So people looking for a wafer-thin device may have to look elsewhere.

Furthermore, we see the typical set of features, such as the speaker cutout, the USB-C port and the SIM card tray at the bottom. At the top of the phone there is a microphone and a pill-shaped cutout.

Other information about the Pixel 9 phones

We’ve covered a lot of rumors about Google’s next flagship phones, and they’re getting pretty wild. First off, it looks like Google will revive the XL model of its phones by releasing a Pixel 9 Pro XL model. So as it stands now, we could be looking at a Pixel 9, Pixel 9 Pro, and Pixel 9 Pro XL.

If that’s the case, the Pixel 9 Pro might not be much bigger than the Pixel 9. This would give people all the functionality of the more powerful Pixel phone while offering a more manageable form factor. That might be a good idea.

There is also a chance that Google will release its next foldable tablet under the name Pixel 9. According to recent reports, Google might call it the Pixel 9 Pro Fold. If that happens, we could be looking at the launch of four Pixel 9 models.

If you want to know more about these phones, check out our Pixel 9 Preview and our Pixel 9 Pro Preview.

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April 19, 2024