Sony Pictures Classics re-releases 4K version of Run Lola Run

Lola better buy new sneakers.

Sony Pictures Classics has announced that it will be re-releasing Tom Tykwer’s 1999 German action classic Lola runin a new, restored 4K version, hitting U.S. theaters this summer, timed to the 25th anniversary of the film’s original domestic bow.

Franka Potente stars in the film as the athletic Lola, who races to find 100,000 German marks in time to save her friend Manni (Moritz Bleibtreu), who is in deep trouble with a local gangster. Every choice Lola makes, big or small, changes her ultimate fate. The film is told three times, with three separate endings, an approach reminiscent of video game aesthetics. Herbert Knaup, Joachim Król and Nina Petri play the leading roles.

Lola run was a sensation when the film was first released and grossed over $7 million in the United States and Canada for SPC, becoming one of the highest-grossing non-English language films ever at the time. The low-budget feature would ultimately gross over $22 million internationally. It launched the international careers of both Potente and Tykwer. She would star opposite Matt Damon The Bourne Identity. He would team up with the Wachowskis to direct Cloud Atlas.

“The past 25 years have Lola run remains one of the most enduring Sony Pictures Classics titles of all time,” said SPC. “It’s as timely now as it was when it first hit theaters in 1999. Our national re-release in June is a celebration of this first hi-tech thriller presented as it deserves, to be seen and re-watched on the big screen, and to continue to dazzle new generations of viewers.”