NBA gives Jontay Porter a lifetime ban

The National Basketball Association issued a lifetime ban to Toronto Raptors’ Jontay Porter earlier this week for multiple violations of the league’s gambling policy.

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver released the following statement on Wednesday: “There is nothing more important than protecting the integrity of the NBA league for our fans, our teams and everyone involved in our sport. That is why Jontay Porter’s blatant violations of our rules will be punished with the most severe penalties.”

The NBA launched an investigation into Porter in late March after he was alerted to suspicious betting by sportsbooks and US Integrity, a gambling watchdog that works with college conferences, sportsbooks and professional leagues to monitor irregular and suspicious gambling activity.

In its press release, the NBA stated that its investigation remains open and that it is sharing information with federal authorities.

The NBA’s investigation found that Porter bet on at least 13 NBA games between January and March, “disclosed information to sports bettors” and “restricted his participation in one or more games for gambling purposes.”

According to the NBA, Porter made individual bets ranging from $15 to $22,000, totaling $54,094 for the 13 games. His net winnings on these bets were $21,965, although he did not play any of these games.

However, three of his bets were parlays, all of which he lost, and on one bet the Raptors lost.

Porter, who was on a two-way contract with Toronto and its G-League affiliate, began receiving more playing time for the Raptors in January after they traded several key players and dealt with multiple injuries.

From January 5 to 20, Porter recorded double-figure minutes in nine consecutive games. He began producing some numbers during this period, including nine points, seven rebounds and four assists in a road loss to the Clippers on January 10.

Two nights later, in a loss to Utah, Porter played a season-high 31 minutes and finished with nine points, six rebounds, six assists, two blocked shots and two steals. Then on January 18, in a home loss to Chicago, he contributed 10 points, four boards, four assists, two blocks and one steal.

When Porter started getting regular minutes in early to mid-January, sportsbooks started placing player props on him.

The two matches in question where Porter manipulated his participation took place on January 26 and March 20. Toronto lost to the Clippers at home on January 26, with Porter leaving the game early due to an eye injury originally suffered in a home game four nights earlier. loss to Memphis.

Porter was limited to zero points, three rebounds and one assist in just four minutes and 26 seconds of playing time vs. the Clippers. Those statistics resulted in winners for all the unders for Porter’s player props.

According to a report from ESPN’s David Purdum, which cited multiple industry sources, several of the same betting accounts – based in New Jersey, New York and Arizona – attempted to place larger-than-normal bets on Porter’s props to “go under ‘ during the games on January 1. March 26 and 20.

There were multiple five-figure bets ranging from $10,000 to $20,000 placed on Porter’s player props to go ‘under’ on January 26.

Porter played just three games in February but started getting regular minutes again in early March. In fact, he logged 16, 22, 21, 27 and 22 minutes in a five-game span from March 5 to March 17.

On March 11, in a loss to Denver, Porter had 14 points, five assists, two rebounds and one steal. Two nights later, in a loss at Detroit, he finished with 10 points, six boards, six assists, four blocks and one steal.

Toronto lost 123-89 at home to Sacramento on March 20. Porter missed his only shot attempt, went scoreless and grabbed two rebounds before removing himself from the game due to an “illness” after playing just two minutes and 43 seconds.

Once again, as on January 26, all his props (his totals were 7.5 for points and 5.5 for rebounds) fell ‘under’ their totals.

On March 20, DraftKings’ biggest loss in the player prop market was on Porter. A DraftKings bettor placed a six-leg parlay (at odds of 13/1), risking $80,000 to win $1.12 million on six of Porter’s props to stay ‘under’.

However, in its statement released Wednesday, the NBA revealed that DraftKings had not paid out the $1.12 million.

According to a report from the Action Network, Porter managed a FanDuel VIP account in Colorado from 2021 to 2023. Citing multiple sources with direct knowledge of Porter’s gambling activities on the account, Porter wagered millions of dollars and placed more than 1,000 bets.

“He was shooting the whole time,” a source told Action Network.

Porter is the younger brother of Denver Nuggets’ star player Michael Porter Jr.