Amazon Prime Video viewers are quitting the service due to catalog errors

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  • A report shows that Amazon Prime Video’s content catalog contains many inaccuracies, such as incomplete titles, missing episodes, poor translations, incorrect artwork, and more.
  • These inaccuracies cause viewers to leave shows.
  • Amazon has launched an internal initiative to address these issues and prevent customer complaints.

Amazon’s Prime Video service offers some great family movies, and you can watch some great streaming shows on it too. Despite the good catalog, users seem dissatisfied with the service, mainly due to a rather mundane reason: catalog errors.

According to a report from Business Insider citing leaked internal documents, Prime Video contains many inaccurate content details. These include incomplete titles, missing episodes and poor translations. 60% of all substantive customer experience complaints for Prime Video by 2023 would be about catalog errors. Amazon received nearly 10,000 complaints about “season integrity,” which includes flaws such as missing episodes, inconsistent playback options, and incorrect content availability.

The report mentions the following examples:

  • The second episode of ‘The Rings of Power’ series was available to some viewers before the first episode when it launched in 2022.
  • Some viewers complained about a translation error in character names.
  • At one point the Spanish audio was missing from the action film “Die Hard with a Vengeance”.
  • The TV series ‘Continuum’ had an incorrect age restriction.

The documents are also said to highlight “poor linguistic quality of the assets,” such as translation errors or incorrect illustrations for content display pages.

Other complaints from Amazon forum and Reddit users pointing to mixed episode order and incorrect movie titles are also cited.

Unsurprisingly, these inaccuracies are causing viewers to abandon shows, despite Amazon investing in growing its streaming business. According to one of the leaked documents, content with the incorrectly localized display page caused a 20% increase in engagement decline.

The report says Amazon has launched an initiative in 2024 to address these issues and prevent customer complaints.

Amazon said in a statement that “catalog quality is an ongoing priority.” Furthermore, the spokesperson added: “We take it seriously and work relentlessly with our global partners and dedicated internal teams to continually improve the overall customer experience.”

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