The gold price falls for the fifth time in a row

The price of gold in the country’s market has fallen again in a span of 24 hours. The Bangladesh Jewellers’ Association (Bajus) on Sunday fixed the price of 22-carat gold at Tk 1,12,616 per bhori, reducing the price by Tk 315.

With this, the gold price has been reduced for the fifth time in a row by a total of Tk 6,812.

In a statement on Sunday (April 28), Bajus announced that the new price will take effect today from 4 p.m.

As per the new price, the price of 22 carat gold per bhori (11,664 grams) will be Tk 1,12,616. Apart from this, the price of 21 carat gold is Tk 1,07,495, 18 carat gold is Tk 92,146 and the traditional system is Tk 76,632.

In the past eleven days, Bajus has adjusted the gold price a total of eight times. The price of which has been reduced six times and increased twice. The gold price has been lowered in the last five times.