UAE Weather Situation from Sunday, April 28 to Saturday, May 4, 2024

The National Center of Meteorology stated that the UAE will be hit on Wednesday and Thursday by the extension of a surface low-pressure system from the Red Sea, accompanied by moist southeasterly winds, along with the extension of a low-pressure system from the northwest and a higher-level airflow . This will lead to the emergence of various cloud formations including cumulonimbus clouds accompanied by moderate to heavy rainfall in scattered areas, along with occasional lightning and thunderstorms, with the possibility of some hail. Rains are expected to start from the west on Wednesday evening and extend to most parts of the country on Thursday, focusing on western regions, coasts and some eastern areas.

Weather situation from Sunday April 28 to Saturday May 4, 2024

  • From Sunday to Wednesday during the day:

Local convective rain clouds will form over eastern areas with a chance of hail and extend over some internal and western areas.

  • From Wednesday evening to Thursday:

The country is affected by an extension of a surface low pressure area from the Red Sea, accompanied by moist southeasterly winds, with an extension of a low pressure area from the northwest and a flow in the upper air levels with an advancement of different types of clouds, accompanied by convective clouds associated with moderate to heavy rainfall over scattered areas with isolated lightning and thunder and a chance of hail, starting from the west by Wednesday evening and extending over most parts of the country on Thursday and centered over western, coastal and some eastern areas.

Cloud cover will gradually decrease with a continuity in the chance of light to moderate rainfall, perhaps heavy in some southern and eastern areas.

Moderate to fresh southeasterly to northeasterly wind and sometimes strong, especially with convective clouds, causing blowing dust and sand to reduce horizontal visibility.

Temperate and sometimes rough, especially with clouds in the Arabian Gulf and the Oman Sea.

Source: Al-Bayan newspaper