Baby Reindeer’s real-life Martha claims she’ll sue Netflix and ‘fat actress’ is playing her

The woman alleged to be the real-life stalker depicted in Netflix’s hit series Baby Reindeer has criticized the “fat actress” who portrays her and is threatening legal action against the streaming giant. As gripping drama Baby Reindeer climbs into Netflix’s top 10 this week, the Scottish woman who inspired the story has expressed her anger at the casting choice.

In the series, the character Martha, played as an obsessive stalker, is played by acclaimed actress Jessica Gunning. Speaking to the Scottish Sun, the woman expressed her anger at the casting decision and threatened to sue the popular streaming platform. She told the news station: “There’s a fat actress that I should be.” And she added: “I’m very attractive. He’s not Brad Pitt.”

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She also strongly refuted claims that Baby Reindeer was based on a true story and is prepared to sue Netflix over her portrayal in the series. “I have a claim against Netflix because this is being billed as part of a true story,” she said. “People are probably saying I’m a mass murderer. This can’t go on. I’ll kick them.”

Amid the controversy, she has stated her willingness to represent herself in court against Netflix. She said confidently: “I’m a very competent lawyer. I should do it myself. I’m very good,” reports the Mirror US. She added: “I have a photographic memory and can remember huge files. I was the best at everything in my school.”

Baby Reindeer is a drama-thriller series inspired by comedian Richard Gadd’s autobiographical one-man show, which chronicles his harrowing experience of being relentlessly stalked by a mentally ill woman with a criminal past. Speaking to Channel 4, Gadd, whose true story forms the basis of the series, said: “At its peak it was almost unbearable.”

Following the series’ release, the woman said to have inspired the role faced a barrage of hate and death threats from viewers. She has since spoken out, claiming the show is “a gross invasion of my privacy” and vowing she “will not be silenced.” Despite fearing the backlash, she insisted: “I am the victim here, not Richard Gadd. I have received death threats as a result of his show, despite the fact that many of the things he claimed are simply not true. “