Rayalaseema – Reddy Vs Reddy

With only 14 days left for the general elections to be held in Andhra Pradesh, some people are trying to attract the people by explaining the development work they have undertaken so far. The competition between the leaders is going on fiercely. Especially in some areas, it can be said that the leaders of the reddy community are competing on behalf of tdp and YCP, which is leading to war.

And in this background, the fight between reddy vs. reddy in Tadipatri Constituency in Anantapur, rayalaseema has become a topic of discussion. Who will get the people’s forgiveness and come to power? This is turning out to be a hot topic. On the other hand, while Peddareddy is contesting on behalf of YCP, JC Asmit reddy is ready on behalf of tdp to fight. Will Peddareddy come back to power as an MLA in this order? Or will Asmit reddy, who lost in the last election, step into the assembly this time?

Tadapatri has a special place in the politics of the state.. politics in this constituency always aroused excitement. The 2019 election broke the family dominance that has been going on for many years. Since then, politics here has become more heated. Tadipatri is well developed on the one hand agriculturally on the other industrially. In Tadipatri, which has been a tdp stronghold for many years, Ketireddy Peddareddy came to power in 2019 and hit the stronghold. Among the families with a factional background, the feud between the families of jc diwakar reddy and Kethi reddy is still going on. The feud between the two families has been going on since the time of Raja Reddy.

But after the Ketireddy family came to power in 2019, difficulties started for jc diwakar reddy family.. prabhakar reddy, Asmit Reddy.. going to jail in the case of illegal registration of vehicles.. They faced up to 60 cases after coming. At the same time, JC Diwakar Reddy’s followers could not bear the attack on Peddareddy and directly attacked JC Diwakar Reddy’s family.. At that time this matter became more sensational. At the same time, jc diwakar reddy tried to build a complete platform in Tadipatri. When the municipality elections were held, he not only contested as a ward member but also placed the municipality in the account of the telugu Desam Party. This created a sensation in the politics of the state at that time. JC Prabhakar Reddy was elected as Municipal Chairman. Since then, Diwakar reddy has been critical of Peddareddy and YCP. But Peddareddy went on a padayatra and tried to get forgiveness from the people.. He got another ticket and stood in the race. Peddareddy is known to be the only one who hits the JC family.