Weather Alert – Shaharbeen Times

Due to the impact of successive active western disturbances like cyclonic circulations, Jammu and Kashmir will receive moderate to heavy rainfall during the next 48 hours.
The main intensity of this weather system will occur tomorrow and will continue until late night of April 30.
On May 1, dry weather generally remains until the afternoon hours, before rain returns in the afternoon or evening. This short rain shower with breaks can last about 12 hours.


  1. There will be a significant increase in the water level of streams and rivers. Caution is advised ⚠️
    The water level of Jhelum at Ram Munshi Bagh Srinagar is already high due to rain showers around April 20 and continued thundershowers in the evening afterward.
    Another reason is that the fresh snowfall in the higher areas around April 20, which slowly melted in the following days, helped maintain the high water level in Jhelum around Srinagar.
  2. Till May 1, shooting rocks and landslides are very likely over the Jammu-Srinagar National Highway. It is therefore proposed to postpone your trip until May 2.
  3. Zojila Pass, Sinthan Pass, Mughal Road, Sadhna Pass and Razdan Pass are likely to remain closed for traffic for the next three days at least due to fresh expected snowfall.
  4. Spraying of the orchards should be postponed until May 1.
  5. Short, heavy rains may cause flash floods in some areas, including parts of the Jammu region.
  6. Good news for tourists could be that there is a chance of snowfall in Gulmarg and Sonamarg in the next 48 hours.

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