Pawan Kalyan – Victory or Loss? What is the status?

Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan is working with the alliance in these elections. So far no one understands what his purpose is. Will Jagan be dethroned..? Will he be in court..? or will he grow as an alternative force in AP? There is no clear view of his political career because he is part of an alliance. Whether Chandrababu will give him a push? Well, everything remains to be seen!

On the whole, even the people do not know what Pawan wants to achieve by participating in these elections. If he wants to grow as an alternative force, it would be enough if he were alone, as in the previous elections. In the past, the Jana Sena party managed to get 6 percent votes. This time, there is a possibility that Janasena’s influence will increase in the elections. But exceptionally, Pawan joined hands with Chandrababu. Actually, this alliance is a trap for him and the party.

Because if he doesn’t win the elections this time, Janasena’s survival will be in doubt in AP. Since Chandrababu was in his 70s anyway, political retirement would have been a must, and it may even spell the fall of TDP. But Pawan still has a future. If the TDP falls now, there is a good chance that the Jana Sena will take the position of TDP. But he risked his political career and joined the alliance.

Janasena will emerge as an alternative force even before the next elections if it joins the BJP against YCP and TDP. Even if Pawan wins, nothing will be achieved. So can he win in these elections? At the moment, analysts predict that it is a difficult task for PK.