Alibaba updates the AI ​​assistant of communications platform Dingtalk

Alibaba Cloud - DingTalk for Hangzhou Asian Games 2023

Alibaba Cloud – DingTalk for Hangzhou Asian Games 2023

Alibaba’s DingTalk, a workplace communications platform, has been revamped with the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) agents, including third-party offerings. The move is intended to increase efficiency and productivity within the platform.

Alibaba unveiled the upgraded DingTalk AI Assistant, equipped with the ability to collect information from various sources, including video and images. This improvement allows users to interact with the platform in a more versatile and intuitive way.

The introduction of AI agents opens up opportunities for Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) companies and individual developers. These agents, which function similarly to chatbots but with expanded capabilities, can perform tasks ranging from business analysis to travel planning, both within and outside the DingTalk ecosystem.

“We expect the emergence of a vibrant commercial market and a thriving ecosystem based on AI agents,” said Ye Jun, president of DingTalk.

DingTalk now has a marketplace of more than 200 AI-powered agents, tailored to meet diverse industry needs and integration between applications.

Now that DingTalk’s AI assistant becomes multimodal, users can process information in different formats, improving work efficiency and learning ability. The AI ​​assistant, powered by Alibaba Cloud’s Qwen-VL model, can understand and extract data from images and videos, enabling functionalities such as subtitle generation and image translation.

DingTalk, with more than 700 million users worldwide, is quickly adapting to this trend. Since its launch in April 2023, DingTalk AI Assistant has been adopted by more than 2.2 million enterprises, including 1.7 million monthly active enterprises, demonstrating rapid adoption of AI capabilities within the platform.