The US Senate passes a $95 billion bill, including aid to Ukraine

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  • AQA Component The Legislative Branch of Government: Congress

  • Edexcel Component 3A: 2.3: Interpretations and debates around Congress: changing significance of parties in Congress

Background: What you need to know

The US Congress has finally passed a bill that will finance Ukraine’s fight against Russia and provide military aid to Israel. This ends 18 months of wrangling on Capitol Hill and is a rare example of bipartisan legislation. It was striking, however, that more Republicans in the House of Representatives voted against the measure than in favor.

The bill was passed after House Speaker Mike Johnson, generally seen as a Trump loyalist, worked with Democrats. Republican hardliners are angry about this and may act against Johnson, just as they ended the career of his predecessor Kevin McCarthy. Meanwhile, left-wing Democrats were dissatisfied with the continued US support for Israel after the Gaza invasion. The episode shows the limits of two-party politics in American politics.

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The US Senate passes a $95 billion bill, including aid to Ukraine

Question in the style of AQA Politics Paper 2

Question in the style of Edexcel Politics Paper 3A

  • Evaluate the view that partisanship limits the effectiveness of Congress. You must consider this view and its alternative in a balanced way. (30 points)

    TIP: Ukraine has become a dividing line between isolationist-oriented Republicans and more internationalist Democrats. Recent American politics have been plagued by bitter controversies that have ultimately been resolved through grudging compromises. Examples include President Biden’s passage of the Inflation Reduction Act in August 2022 and the deal to avoid a government shutdown in March 2024.

    To see The House of Representatives passes Biden’s flagship climate and tax package for the former and US senators reach agreement on a $1.2 trillion bill to prevent a government shutdown the latter.

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