Even Fallout and The Last of Us can’t push Zack Snyder into the world of video game adaptations

In many ways, Zack Snyder brought a unique aesthetic to the world of superheroes when he entered the DC franchise to bring his version of Superman to life. Man of Steel. In addition, his work is in Justice League: The Snyder Cut was further proof of his lofty creative vision that impressed hardcore fans of the franchise.

Zack SnyderZack Snyder
Hollywood filmmaker Zack Snyder (Image credit: Wikimedia Commons)

Although the director is no longer part of DC following the appointment of James Gunn, he was asked about his thoughts on the recent popularity of video game adaptations following the massive success of The last of us and the recently released Fallout. However, Snyder was hesitant to adopt this genre and explained why he thought so.

Why Zack Snyder is shying away from video game adaptations

Zack Snyder has proven that there are no limits to his creative skills and vision through his impressive filmography that includes visually crafted hits like Guardsmen, 300And Rebel Moonalong with his work in the DC franchise in films like Justice League And Man of Steel.

The last of usThe last of us
A still out The last of us

The director appeared on the Happy sad confused podcast with Josh Horowitz to talk in depth about his film career and many other aspects of his films. During the course of the conversation, the host steered the topic towards video game adaptations.

The genre has become immensely popular after the massive success of shows like The last of us And Fallout which receive much acclaim. The host addressed this phenomenon and asked Snyder for his thoughts on potentially helming a series or movie based on a video game.

The 300 filmmaker praised these shows and the way they brought out the nuances of the video games. That said, he pointed out that these games already had a solid story with different emotions that could be seamlessly adapted to the screen.

But this was not the case for all games that required the creation of a new story for a film or series. Snyder felt that some of these might not translate well to the screen either, which made him hesitant to try his hand at this genre. He gave an example and said:

β€œIt’s like making a paintball movie, you know. What I mean is that it’s hard because the experience of the game is better. Video games are hard.”

While the Man of Steel While the filmmaker was clear in explaining his reasons for staying away from this genre for the time being, fans would secretly hope that he will change his mind and venture into the world sooner rather than later.

Extended cut by Zack Snyder Rebel Moon Will see a late summer release

In 2023, Zack Snyder directed Rebel Moon based on an original idea he envisioned for the big screen. This epic space opera didn’t set the box office on fire, but it ultimately became extremely popular on Netflix, with fans enjoying it and praising Snyder’s unique directorial touches.

Rebel MoonRebel Moon
A still out Rebel Moon directed by Zack Snyder

Now the filmmaker is about to release an extended cut of the film, which was originally expected to premiere in mid-2024 but has been delayed to allow Snyder to keep his R-rated promise to fans.

To put this into context, the director’s films are known to be rated Rowing due to the language, violence, and some of the emotionally mature content depicted in them. This applies to both his time in the DCEU and beyond in films like 300 And Watchmen.

Originally slated to stream on Netflix in mid-2024, the project is now being further delayed, mainly because the director wants to ensure the film stays true to his promise of an R-rating, according to confirmation on social media.

The report reveals that the extended cut rated NC-17 is now rated R following Snyder’s attempts to rework a few aspects of the story. The film is expected to be released in the second half of summer 2024. With Netflix backing the director to present a completely unadulterated version of his passion project, fans will be eagerly awaiting what’s in store.

Rebel Moon is streaming on Netflix.