Miss Scarlet season 5 premiere date hopes as filming wraps up

Miss Scarlet and the Duke season 4
Photo: PBS

Now that production has been completed Mrs. Scarlet season 5, when can you actually expect it on PBS?

Well, the first thing we can say here is very simple: this will be a season of seismic change in many ways. Stuart Martin (William) is now gone from the show, hence the title dropping the Duke part of the equation. Meanwhile, Tom Durant Pritchard comes on board as a key cast member and a new potential partner for Kate Phillips’ character. There are still mysteries to be solved! It really comes down to when we have a chance to see them.

In a message at Tweet via Masterpiece you will receive confirmation that the latest batch of episodes has finished production, and that means everything starts to shift to editing. In theory, you can say that season 5 could be ready to air as soon as this fall, but we doubt you’ll actually get a chance to see it then. Instead, we have a feeling the net batch of episodes will air in the United States in January, since this is what we’ve seen in recent seasons – they’re clearly performing very well in this spot too! January/February is traditionally a good time for TV ratings, and we’re all for anything that helps this show in the long run.

It is our expectation that later this year we will get the chance to hear a little more about the next chapter of the story, especially when it comes to video highlights and also small hints of the story to come. Let’s hope so Mrs. Scarlet quickly settles into a new groove, despite the major change in the cast behind the scenes. There’s still a lot to be excited about!

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What do you want to get rid of? Mrs. Scarlet season 5 when it eventually premieres?

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