SAPS warns of criminals robbing vehicles in Mbombela

The video footage of three unknown men approaching and robbing a red vehicle waiting at the traffic lights at the intersection of Samora Machel Drive and Henshall Street has caused a stir.

Community members and motorists have taken to social media to express their concerns about what they claim is a lack of safety in Mbombela.

The footage shows these men opening the doors of the vehicle, taking out items and then calmly walking away as traffic begins to flow again.

The owner of the vehicle does not appear to have stopped to get out and follow after the incident; they continued driving when the robots turned green.

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Provincial police spokesperson Colonel Donald Mdhluli told the newspaper that police are aware of the video.

He said no reports had been received at the local police station, although he added that officers are also patrolling those specific streets.

“No case has been opened in relation to the incident depicted in the said video, and as Mpumalanga SAPS we encourage the individual to open a case so that an investigation can be conducted. When victims of a crime open a case, the information can be used if the same perpetrator commits another crime and is arrested.”

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He said they would like to urge the public, especially motorists, to be very vigilant while driving on the roads.

‘Lock your doors. Avoid opening car windows while driving and avoid flashing cell phones while in the car, as these behaviors can prompt perpetrators to jump on them. If your phone rings while you are driving, do not answer it as it gives criminals an opportunity to steal,” said Mdhluli.