The eBay prices of the Apple Vision Pro make me sad

I paid a lot of money for the privilege of getting a brand new Apple Vision Pro in February. All told, with optical inserts and taxes, I financed just over $3,900 for the 256GB version of the headset. About a day ago I made a mistake that many early adopters are no doubt familiar with: I looked up how much it was selling for on eBay.

On Wednesday, a 1TB Vision Pro, complete with all the included gear, Apple’s $200 fluffy travel case, $500 AppleCare Plus, and said to have been “worn for maybe about an hour” sold for $ 3,200. The shipping estimate listed was $20.30. Brand new, that combination cost me $5,007.03 on Apple’s site. Another eBay listing, this one with my headset configuration (but without optical inserts) was just $2,600 – again with most, if not all, of the accessories included. Several other 256GB and 512GB models sold for around that amount this week.

Look at those deep discounts.
Screenshot: Wes Davis / The Verge

Of course, this is how the story goes for early adopters, especially if you buy very expensive technology before the mainstream catches on. Apple’s pricing doesn’t help, especially when the next competing headset – the Meta Quest 3 – costs just $500. It’s a shame, even if they’re ultimately not that similar, at least in terms of their audiences and goals for their platforms.

But it still sticks, doesn’t it? Knowing I could have saved hundreds of dollars And got the highest storage configuration, AppleCare Plus, and a storage case is a particular pain. I like the Vision Pro a lot – perhaps more than any other writer The edge — but if I hadn’t missed the return period, I’d send mine back to Apple in a heartbeat so I could get one of these deals. Luckily no one can see my tears when I wear the headset.

A picture of a fool.
Image: Wes Davis / The Verge