‘Maxine’s Baby: The Tyler Perry Story’ Shows How Entertainment Mogul Overcame Trauma To Achieve Incredible Success – Contenders TV: Doc + Unscripted

Terry Perry has achieved success in the entertainment industry on a scale almost beyond comparison: he’s the creative force behind two dozen films, 20 plays, two bestselling books and well over a dozen television series. Tyler Perry Studios, the huge production complex he built in Atlanta, is home to 12 custom sound stages.

What’s even more astounding is all he had to overcome to accomplish those feats – growing up poor in New Orleans and enduring physical and mental abuse at the hands of his father. His extraordinary journey is told in Maxine’s Baby: The Tyler Perry Story, the film from Prime Video directed by Gelila Bekele (Perry’s former life partner and mother of his child) and Armani Ortiz.

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“We weren’t interested in making a film about Tyler Perry, the celebrity … but really how did he survive (his upbringing)?” Bekele explained during…