Crownfall multi-act update live for Dota 2, plus a new comic

Valve just released a big new update to Dota 2 with Crownfall, which not only includes a new comic to read, but also what they’re calling The Markets of Midgate. This is the first act of an ongoing story event.

From the update page:

The Markets of Midgate is just the first act of an ongoing four-act story that will last for months to come. You can play new acts as they become available, but you can also progress through the adventure at your own pace; the introduction of a new act does not conclude a previous act.

That means you can take as long as you want to explore all the possible paths, challenges, and secrets in Act I. And as much as there is to find, this event has only just begun. Crownfall will continue to expand as it unfolds over the coming months, with each new act bringing its own story, characters, a unique world map and all-new rewards. There may even be a surprise or two along the way.

What you get is this special new overworld map that lets you explore the Skywrath area, and as you play games with different characters you get different tokens. You use these tokens to unlock paths through the overworld map to progress through the story and earn rewards. It’s free for everyone, but you can also pay $14.99 to get the Midgate Pathfinder Pack so you can explore more places with sidequests, more stories, and more rewards.

Several new cosmetic packs have also been released for purchase. The second part of the story will be released in mid-May, the other two acts are not yet dated.

You can read the comic on the Dota 2 website.

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