NiTRo bases its eSports products on AJA technology

Japanese production company NTV Technical Resources (NiTRo) combined its broadcasting experience with skills in television production, post-production and CGI to launch M-CUBE Studio using technology. AJA.

Sports are becoming increasingly popular due to many factors, from technological advancements that have improved the quality of modern gaming experiences to the proliferation of streaming platforms.

The virtual production studio, based in NiTRo’s Tokyo facility, now supplies state-of-the-art esports products to some of Japan’s largest gaming leagues. The NiTRo team is integrated to support the coding and routing needs of growing products recorders/streamers H.264 Aja Hello Plus Y Routers 3G-SDI AJA KUMO 6464 and su tube M-CUBE.

To introduce the M-CUBE, NiTRo initially used an old online assembly room that was renovated and renovated with existing equipment. Since its opening, the studio has been used for various sports competition productions and broadcasts of international motorsport events, small-scale events and business online seminars.

NTV Technical Aids (NiTro)NTV Technical Aids (NiTro)

Improvement of facilities

To improve his facilities and increase the number of users he could support, he began making plans for an upgrade. Their main goal with the update was to create an optimized sports streaming environment that was accessible to even the most novice user. Also taken into account Signal stability And this Ability to display content from external participants (including on-screen images) enables streaming to multiple Content Delivery Networks (CTNs) in real time.

After the renovation, the M-CUBE studio now features a sub-control room, an equipment room, a writing room, two dressing rooms and three production backgrounds (white, dark blue and simple green chroma); This system makes it easy for the announcer and commentator to be in the studio while players participate online. If desired, NiTRo’s CG department is also available for M-CUBE products.

NTV Technical Aids (NiTro)NTV Technical Aids (NiTro)M-CUBE Workflow Center includes Telestream Wirecast Pro streaming software, which is used in NiTRo Studio. A group-selected backup encoder Aja Hello Plusit supports SDI and HDMI inputs and outputs and can simultaneously record and transmit signals up to 1080 60p to a CDN. NiTRo has made this possible Sends to two destinations at once With individual settings for each purpose and featuring a fail-safe system, the team configured it to run immediately if the production system fails.

Masaki IwaharaNiTRo’s technical director and video engineer commented: “When purchasing the equipment, our main goal was to meet the broadcasting needs of the sports competitions organized by NiTRo. Furthermore, different operators use the system for different projects and therefore need to be intuitive to use it, which made HELO Plus the perfect choice. During the development of the system, we carefully tested the equipment and were impressed by its stability and reliability.

“A key factor is that Hello Plus allows simultaneous broadcasting at two bit rates,” he added. Ryuichi KoyamaVideo engineer at NiTRo.

NTV Technical Aids (NiTro)NTV Technical Aids (NiTro)

Numerous E/S

NiTRo sports products typically include multiple audio and video inputs and outputs that require the connection of multiple coaxial cables. Managing all these signals can therefore be tiring Router KUMO 6464 de AJA The M-CUBE has proven to be indispensable; Packaged in a sleek 4RU chassis with 3G-SDI connectivity, it contains 64 inputs and outputs that the studio often pushes to its limits. “For sports broadcasts, we use all available inputs and outputs,” Iwahara explains. “But for smaller broadcasts we only use what is necessary. With KUMO we can easily scale up if necessary.

The M-CUBE also has a Panasonic and two Canon workflow cameras KUMO CP2 control panelsA converter and five subcontroladores SKAARHOJ Touch control. As NiTRo continues to expand its operations in the coming years, it plans to expand the use of the M-CUBE for eSports and live event production to other entertainment productions and corporate events, and the AJA team will continue to ensure stability in the pipeline. .

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