Narayana Murthy’s grandson Ekagrah earns Rs 4.2 crore in dividends from Infosys shares

Narayan Murthy’s five-month-old grandson Ekagrah Rohan Murty earned Rs 4.2 crore as dividend from 15 lakh Infosys shares gifted to him by the Infosys founder last month.

Infosys, during its fourth quarter announcement, unveiled a total dividend of Rs 28, comprising a final dividend of Rs 20 and a special dividend of Rs 8.

The record date for the payment of the final and special dividend is May 31, with the payment scheduled for July 1.

Ekagrah owns 15 lakh shares, accounting for 0.04% of Infosys. At the current market price of Rs 1,400, his stake is valued at Rs 210 crore.

Since Ekagrah has no plans to sell his shares anytime soon, he stands to earn Rs 4.2 crore in dividends.

Born on November 10 last year in Bengaluru to Rohan Murty and Aparna Krishnan, Ekagrah is the third grandchild of Narayana Murthy and Sudha Murty, who recently became Rajya Sabha MPs.

The Murthys have two other grandchildren, Krishna and Anoushka, daughters of Akshata Murty and British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak.

At the end of the December quarter, Akshata owned 1.05% of Infosys, Sudha 0.93% and Rohan 1.64%.

Founded by Murthy and six others in 1981, Infosys has turned all its co-founders into billionaires, except Ashok Arora, who left the company in 1989.

Published on:

April 19, 2024