Is Princess Issa dead in Rebel Moon – Part Two: The Scargiver?

Rebel Moon, Part Two: The Scargiver sheds light on the truth about the murder of the Motherworld’s royal family and the fate of Princess Issa.

While sharing an intimate moment with Gunnar, Kora explains how she became the most wanted criminal in the known universe.

Kora certainly didn’t earn that title by simply running away. Once a decorated warrior, Kora committed a treacherous crime, involving Princess Issa, who served Kora as her protector.

The truth about Princess Issa’s death

Before the murder of the royal family and Princess Issa, the king, under the influence of his daughter, began to see things differently.

The king decided to end the age of expansion – a decision that did not sit well with Balisarius, who believed that the princess must die.

As a loyal daughter of her adoptive father, Kora could not betray or challenge him. She obediently followed her father’s orders and took part in the murder of the royal family.

Kora had faith that Balisarius would protect her and the empire after this murder. As planned, they kill the royal family. Kora is the one who painfully shoots Princess Issa.

Is Princess Issa dead in Rebel Moon – Part Two: The Scargiver?  1
Issa forgives Kora before she kills her

In her final words, Issa forgives Kora for this move. After the death, Balisarius quickly frames Kora for the murder, resulting in Kora fighting back, retreating from the Motherworld army and running away.

Is Princess Issa still alive?

Kora keeps her part in the murder of the Mother World’s royal family a secret from everyone for a long time.

At the end of Rebel Moon, Part Two: The ScargiverAs the rebels honor their fallen soldiers, Kora confesses the truth and asks everyone not to speak of her when they speak of honor and courage.

It is then that General Titus reveals that Kora is not Princess Issa’s murderer. The princess is still alive.

It is implied that Princess Issa possesses magical powers. General Titus says that she is more than death, and that it is not so easy to kill her.

General Titus tells Kora that she now has a reason to continue. She can find Issa and keep fighting. The rebels promise to support Kora as she looks forward to finding Issa.

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