Head Coach Desi Storey reaches 700 wins – The Observer

Head coach of the CWU baseball team, Desi Storey, reached a career milestone of 700 career wins during his time as coach here in Ellensburg, Washington. Storey spent 33 seasons as head coach of the Wildcats and also played here during his college days.

This achievement came after junior pitcher Jonathen Garza II threw a no-hitter against Saint Martin’s University on April 6, distracting Storey from achieving his own milestone.

“Honestly, I didn’t even know,” Storey said. “I was more excited about John’s no hitter and the fact that we got the sweep. I am proud of what our boys have achieved in recent years.”

Thirty years is a long time to stay in one place, although Storey hasn’t had any problems with it as he has met many great people from his time at CWU to his time now as a coach.

“I love this place,” Storey said. “I’ve had a lot of success here. The opportunity to come back was just great. Having the groups of guys that I’ve had for over thirty years, that’s what keeps me going because those guys are great.

During his time at CWU, Storey has been put in situations where he has also learned things about himself. Storey has credited many of the coaches he has had over the years for what he discovered about himself and how it has carried over into his coaching practices.

Coach Desi Storey during the Western Oregon series. (Photo courtesy of Jacob Thompson/Thompson Sports Media)

“I have learned to be myself. I was fortunate to have a lot of great coaches when I played and probably the most important thing they said to me was just be yourself,” Storey said. “And you know, maybe I’m a little unorthodox sometimes, but I think it works.”

Alex Reffner is a senior student assistant coach and has been on the team since 2022. Reffner praised how Storey has helped him improve as a coach and how he has been able to create a family culture at CWU.

“Coach Storey is a great mentor,” Reffner said. “I like how he has adapted my coaching to kids who are the same age and older than me by being an instructor. When I came on board, he immediately welcomed me and taught me how things are done here at Central.”

Second-year starting first baseman Andrew Sharp talked about how he appreciates Storey’s personable and approachable nature, saying his main goal is to see his players succeed.

“He helped me tremendously as a player in adapting my mentality to this level of baseball,” Sharp said. “He also pushed me to become a better player by holding me accountable for my actions on the field.”