Trains are up to 80% cheaper than planes for domestic travel

The Rail Delivery Group has published new research detailing how trains are up to 80% cheaper than planes for domestic travel.

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Traveling by train can be up to 80% cheaper than flying on similar routes, eliminating the burden of baggage fees, seat selection fees and airport transfer fees, a new report from Rail Delivery Group has found.

Although in some cases airline tickets on certain routes may initially seem cheaper, the final cost is often much higher once all additional costs are taken into account. Additional costs associated with air travel include transportation to and from the airport, checked baggage fees, and choosing a flight. a preferred seat on the plane.

Switching from plane to train can save you more than £200 on a trip from London to Edinburgh, once you take into account the extra costs for luggage and airport transfers.

Traveling by train is also very convenient. The vast majority of stations in Britain’s major cities are centrally located, unlike most airports. Traveling by train also saves time and effort. Security checks, airport transfers and travel to and from airports all add a lot of time to your journey when traveling by air.

Jaqueline Starr, CEO of Rail Delivery Group: “For too long the narrative has been that flying domestically is cheaper and faster. However, when you make a true cost comparison, train travel can be significantly cheaper.

“Train travel offers a more affordable, sustainable and convenient way to travel. Our research highlights the many benefits that rail travel offers our customers when traveling within Britain.”

Train customers typically pay only for their train ticket, with free seat selection and baggage allowance included in most fares.

Train services offer more flexibility than air travel, with more frequent departures and arrivals directly into city centres. In addition to costs, there are environmental benefits to choosing rail, as journeys typically produce significantly lower carbon emissions. For example, according to new data from Green Travel Pledge, rail is up to 17 times greener for business travel compared to air travel, making rail a more sustainable choice.

For business and leisure travelers alike, the answer is simple. Traveling by train offers affordable fares, shorter journey times due to centrally located stations, and with its green features it is the obvious choice for domestic travel within Britain.