Cheboygan police are urging proactive steps after car burglaries

CHEBOYGAN – Cheboygan police have warned residents to take proactive steps to protect their vehicles and personal belongings after two recent vehicle burglaries.

According to an April 17 Facebook post, the department is currently investigating two car burglaries that occurred near Sutherland Street and Eastern Avenue in Cheboygan. Investigation revealed that both vehicles were unlocked with the keys inside.

The police have provided several safety tips that residents should take into account:

  • Locking Vehicles: Always ensure your vehicle is securely locked when you park it, whether it is parked on the street or in a driveway. Locking doors and windows can serve as a deterrent to potential thieves.
  • Remove Valuables: Don’t leave valuables, such as electronics, wallets, purses, and keys, in your car. Thieves are more likely to target vehicles with visible valuables left unattended.
  • Securing belongings: If you must leave items in your car, store them out of sight in the trunk or glove compartment. Hiding valuables reduces the risk of theft and minimizes the risk of material damage.
  • Report Suspicious Activity: Stay vigilant and report any suspicious persons or activity to the Cheboygan Police Department immediately. Prompt reporting can support law enforcement efforts to prevent further incidents and arrest perpetrators.

The investigation into the car burglaries continues. Anyone with information about the recent burglaries or related suspicious activity is urged to contact the Cheboygan Police Department at (231) 627-4321 or 911.

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