Missing release date of Crown Prince episodes 3 and 4 revealed on MBN

Missing Crown Prince Episodes 3 and 4 air on MBN in April 2024. The historical romance K-drama, starring EXO’s Suho and Hong Ye-Ji, tells the story of a royal doctor’s daughter who kidnaps the crown prince.

In the previous episode, Crown Prince Lee Gon (Suho) discovered a shocking truth about Queen Dowager Min Soo-Ryun. Before he could investigate further, royal physician Choi Sang-Rok accidentally kidnapped him to perform a ritual for the sake of his daughter Choi Myung-Yoon (Hong Ye-Ji). But the last one saved him. However, they were unaware of each other’s true identities. After Lee Gon returned to the palace, one of his men betrayed him and stabbed him.

The upcoming episode 3 starts with the injured Lee Gon trying to escape the palace. Myung-Yoon will help him recover.

Missing release date, time and more of Crown Prince episodes 3 and 4

(3회예고) 궐을 빠져나가야 한다.  누구도 믿을 수 없다..!

Missing Crown Prince episode 3 premieres on Saturday, April 20, 2024 and episode 4 will air on Sunday, April 21, 2024 at 9:40 PM KST on MBN. The K-drama is also streaming on Viki.

The network previously released the trailer for episode 3, in which Crown Prince Lee Gon (EXO’s Suho) wants to flee the palace because he can’t trust anyone. Myung-Yoon (Hong Ye-Ji) finds him and brings him to her room. Meanwhile, Queen Dowager Min Soo-Ryun and King have a heated argument about Lee Gon’s disappearance. Soo-Ryun fears that if the King finds Lee Gon first, things will worsen for her.

Near the end of the trailer, a man asks, “Is the Crown Prince still alive?” Myung-Yoon cares for the injured Crown Prince. Later she says: ‘He bled too much. If he lingers here much longer, he will surely die.”

MBN airs new episodes of Missing Crown Prince on Saturdays and Sundays.