Flights across the Middle East followed after Israel launched a missile attack on Iran

Watch live flights across the Middle East on Friday (April 19) after Israel launched a missile attack on Iran.

Israel launched a retaliatory attack on Iran overnight, with explosions heard near a major military airbase.

Tehran was forced to activate its air defense system over the city of Isfahan, which is also home to sites linked to Iran’s nuclear program. However, there was no damage to the nuclear sites, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) said.

It remained unclear whether the country was under attack, as no Iranian officials directly acknowledged the possibility and the Israeli military did not immediately respond to the attacks. That of the Independents request for comment.

It is understood the US was forewarned of the attack, with White House officials keeping a close eye on the situation.

Iranian state media said air defense batteries had been fired in several provinces, destroying three drones. The cause of the batteries igniting was not elaborated on, although people in the area reported hearing explosion sounds.

Before the attacks, Iran had vowed to retaliate immediately if hit, and at a “maximum level.”