‘Chaser’ (2024) air date, plot, full cast and how to stream Prime Video’s sci-fi series

‘Chaser’ tells the journey of a video editor who stumbles upon the remarkable ability to remix his own last 24 hours

Show name: Hunter

Platform: Prime Video

Date of publication: April 12, 2024

Country of origin: United Kingdom

Genre: Science fiction, comedy

Director: Daniel Roemer

Full cast list: Gia Bay, Russ Russo, Daniel de Weldon, Haley Noel Bedocs, Scott Stoops, Hugo Nida, Eric Sparks, Daniel Roemer

‘Chaser’ debuted on Prime Video via pay-per-view on April 12, 2024, captivating audiences with its eight episodes, chronicling the challenges of a struggling film editor in a science fiction story.

The series was a huge success at international film festivals, winning Best Series at both the Birmingham Film & TV Festival and the Star International Film Festival in 2024. The series received further nominations for Best Series, as well as nominations for Best Actor (Russ Russo), Best Supporting Actor (Daniel de Weldon) and Best Actress (Gia Bay) at Breaking TV Festival 2023, London.

‘Chaser’ is produced by Zero Gravity Films and distributed by Buffalo 8. The series is directed by Daniel Roemer, who loosely based it on his short film ‘The Select Fit’. He previously made the film “Gray,” which received a special screening from Sony Pictures and was a top 20 finalist in Project Greenlight, hand-picked from more than 12,000 entries from Ben Affleck and Matt Damon.

What is the plot of ‘Chaser’?

‘Chaser’ is about film editor Eddi Sebastian (Russ Russo) who is currently struggling and frustrated with his life and work. In what turns out to be a life-changing moment, Eddi discovers mysterious software that allows him to edit the last 24 hours of his life.

Russ Russo in a still from the movie 'Chaser' (@primevideo)
Russ Russo in a still from the series ‘Chaser’ (@primevideo)

Over the course of this series, Eddi delves deeper into the realms of a new mysterious world that is partly his creation. With every editing decision he makes, he faces dark consequences.

The series can be described as cerebral science fiction, something along the lines of ‘Dune: Part 2’ and ‘3 Body Problem’.

Main cast of ‘Chaser’

Russ Russo

Russ Russo is an actor known for his work in ‘Catch Hell’, the short film ‘Victim No. Six,” NBC’s “Revolution” and “An Act of War.”

Russ is a trained actor who has studied Alexander, Meisner, Stella Adler, Lee Strausberg and Method acting. He played a leading role in Clifford Oddet’s classic ‘Awake & Sing’.

Russ, an actor dedicated to his craft, once gained 30 pounds. muscle for the role of Irish Jonah Joe in ‘The Land of College Prophets’.

Gia Bay

Gia Bay in a still from the series 'Chaser' (@primevideo)
Gia Bay in a still from the series ‘Chaser’ (@primevideo)

Gia Bay is an actor born in Toronto who has worked extensively in theater to hone her dramatic skills. She is known for her versatile performances and for immersing herself in every role she plays.

Her breakout role came in the form of ‘Diggstown’ where she played the role of Chozanne Lopez. She hasn’t looked back since, playing several roles in multiple genres.

She has been trained in various acting techniques and has developed her own unique style that resonates with her audience.

Daniel de Weldon

Daniel DeWeldon is an actor trained under the legendary Uta Hagen and mentored by Al Pacino. His performance as Jason in the critically acclaimed film ‘Anonymous 616’ earned him awards at several film festivals.

Daniel’s performance in the play ‘Danny & The Deep Blue Sea’ earned him 15 Critics Choice awards and earned him praise from critics. He next played Tennessee Williams in ‘Kingdom of Earth’.

Daniel is known for his versatile performance and adaptability.

How to stream ‘Chaser’

‘Chaser is available for streaming on Prime Video. Don’t have Prime Video?

The streaming platform requires a monthly membership fee of $14.99 or an annual fee of $139. Additionally, students can get a package for $7.49 per month or $69 per year.

‘Chaser’ trailer

‘Chaser’ will stream on Prime Video on a pay-per-view basis starting April 12, 2024