Storm partners with Saint-Gobain for low-carbon homes

Saint Gobain's design
Saint Gobain’s design

Storm Housing Group, a registered social housing provider, has established CarbonWise Construction in a joint venture with French building materials giant Saint Gobain.

CarbonWise Construction plans to build a pilot home at Tyseley Energy Park in Birmingham, in partnership with the University of Birmingham’s National Center for the Decarbonisation of Heat (NCDH).

The project is supported by a £20 million grant from the university and uses insights from the Energy House 2.0 project at Salford University.

The project will enable Storm and CarbonWise to adapt and improve their specifications.

The campus will also include training and demonstration areas (including virtual reality tours). An in-house training center will facilitate education for staff, students and apprentices in various construction disciplines.

Storm and CarbonWise plan to move to the NCDH campus.

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