Adil Hussain takes another dig at Sandeep Reddy Vanga’s animal and says, ‘Even if they paid Rs 200 Cr…’

Adil Hussain made headlines for confessing that he ‘regretted’ being part of Sandeep Reddy Vanga’s directorial Kabir Singh. While director Sandeep Reddy Vanga criticized the actor for his comments, Adil stuck to his stand.

The actor once opened up about the film and said that he would never have done ‘Animal’ even if the makers had paid him Rs 200 crore for the role.

When asked about Vanga’s comment saying that Hussain had starred in ’30 art films’ and ‘one blockbuster’, referring to Kabir Singh, the actor said he was part of Ang Lee’s Life of Pi, which was a bigger blockbuster was then Kabir. Singh. “What should I say to that? I think there are a lot of responses to this comment. If he’s more famous than Ang Lee, I don’t know what to say… Too bad he thinks that way. His movie made a lot of box office collections, so he probably feels that way. I don’t know Kabir Singh’s exact numbers, but Life of Pi has made well over a billion dollars, so I don’t think he can compete with that. He should have thought about it before he said it,” Adil Hussain told Zoom.

Adil continued, “I think there is no substance in that sentence at all. He was angry, he said it. It is a reactive commentary on my statement. I don’t think I should take it seriously.” When asked if he would have done a role in Animal, the actor immediately responded by saying, “Never.” He then added, “Even if they gave me Rs 100- 200 crore, I would never do it.”

Earlier, Adil Hussain appeared on AP Podcast’s YouTube channel when he spoke about the role of Kabir Singh and confessed that he ‘regretted’ the role. He remembered going to the theater to watch the movie and walking out after twenty minutes. He called the film “misogynist” and added that he wouldn’t even recommend it to his wife.

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