Park Bo Young and Han Ji Min Give Best Friend Vibes in New Update; top actresses share sweet messages

Park Bo Young is the beloved South Korean actress who wowed her fans once again in her recent drama Daily Dose of Sunshine, further cementing her status as one of the top actresses.

Han Ji Min, on the other hand, is another top actress who has given strong performances in K-dramas, proving her versatile acting talent. Park Bo Young and Han Ji Min showed off their close bond in an adorable interaction on Instagram.

Park Bo Young and Han Ji Min’s latest interaction is giving BFF goals vibes

On June 11, 2024, Park Bo Young shared an Instagram Story update with a screenshot of her recent interaction with bestie Han Ji Min. In the story, Han Ji Min sent three replies to the Abyss actress’s latest update with a photo.

Han Ji Min first said that she had also come from work and then adored the beauty of her friend Park Bo Young in the photo she posted by saying “so beautiful.” Finally, she asked Park Bo Young to post the photo to her feed.

Park Bo Young shared this adorable interaction on her Instagram Story, calling her friend Han Ji Min “cute” and adding that she will post the photo to her feed soon.

The story undoubtedly sheds light on the close bond between the two actresses who share the same agency. Park Bo Young and Han Ji Min are like all other BFFs who encourage others to post a good photo.

Watch Park Bo Young’s adorable interaction with BFF Han Ji Min here:

Soon, the update was reshared by Han Ji Min, who confirmed “I’ll wait” for best friend Park Bo Young to post the photo.

Check out Han Ji Min’s Instagram reshare with Park Bo Young here:

Learn more about Park Bo Young and Han Ji Min

Park Bo Young’s irresistible charm shows up again and again in her K-dramas and films. Her best-known K-dramas include Strong Girl Bong Soon, Abyss, Doom at Your Service and Daily Dose of Sunshine.

Meanwhile, Han Ji Min is known for enchanting fans with strong performances in K-dramas such as Rooftop Prince, Hyde Jekyll, Me, Padam Padam, Behind Your Touch, Our Blues and One Spring Night.