Mini Tornado centers around a small village in Galway as Met Eireann issues a warning update

A ‘mini-tornado’ has been spotted in Galway as Met Eireann issues an update on a ‘severe’ risk of thunderstorms.

The tornado was spotted in the small village of Corrandulla on Tuesday by a local resident.

The eagle-eyed resident saw the weather event unfold outside their window when a photo captured the tornado just as it began to dissipate.

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Fortunately, the weather event caused no damage to the area, with the event being much tamer than the tornado that tore through Leitrim earlier this year.

However, the news comes as Met Eireann has warned of a serious risk of thunderstorms for Galway and two nearby counties, with the weather set to change dramatically over the next week.

The sunny weather of the weekend will give way to several days of rain. Met Eireann has issued a thunderstorm warning for Clare, Galway and Mayo this evening, with heavy showers and thunderstorms expected which could lead to dangerous travel conditions and localized flooding.

The warning was in effect until 9 p.m. on Tuesday evening.