Education program leads to success for prisoners in their 70s

The man, from Wooroloo Prison Farm, also had to undergo a medical examination before receiving his license.

Approved prisoners can take driving lessons and pass their exam under the Ministry of Justice’s Driver Education and Training Program.

“Having a driver’s license is so important for an inmate in finding a job or reconnecting with their family. Or just for everyday activities when they are out in the community,” Wooroloo Assistant Superintendent Michelle said.

Even while in prison, a driver’s license is useful for inmates to operate machinery such as tractors on prison farms, where they receive other training in preparation for release.

However, before an inmate can take driving lessons, he must meet strict safety standards and be cleared for activities outside the prison boundary.

The Driver Education Program covers the cost of eight driving lessons.

In the past year, more than 200 inmates from across the state obtained their driver’s licenses through this scheme.

“Prisoners are so proud when they pass their test. It is such a great asset for their future,” said Assistant Superintendent Michelle.

Driver training is among the many training and education options aimed at helping prisoners rehabilitate and reintegrate after serving their sentences.