Lahore is hosting 24th ITCN Asia

The vibrant city of Lahore will host the 24th edition of ITCN Asia, the country’s premier IT and telecom exhibition and conference, at the Expo Center from April 18 to 20.

The vibrant city of Lahore will host the 24th edition of ITCN Asia, the country’s premier IT and telecom exhibition and conference, at the Expo Center from April 18 to 20. This prestigious event welcomes industry leaders, policymakers, investors and enthusiasts from around the world, coming together to explore the latest technological innovations and trends.

Distinguished guests attending the inauguration include Minister of State for IT and Telecom, Shaza Khawaja, serving as the Chief Guest, and HE Deemah Al Yahya, Secretary General of the Digital Cooperation Organization, as the esteemed global guest of honour.

A highlight of this year’s event is the expected visit of a delegation of international investors from twelve countries, with an impressive investment fund of $500 million. Their presence underlines the growing recognition of Pakistan’s thriving technology ecosystem as a lucrative investment destination.

With over 700 booths, the expo will showcase the latest offerings from leading global and Pakistani technology giants such as Microsoft, Inbox, Redhat, TP-Link, Lenovo, HP, Netsol, Abacus and Dell, among others. In addition, more than 250 global speakers will participate in more than 20 knowledge sessions on a wide range of topics, including the AI ​​Summit, Global Security Symposium, Gaming Roundtable, Skills Roundtable, Investor Summit, Digital Health, Proptech, Freelancer Summit and Made in, among others Pakistan Roundtable.

Commenting on the significance of the event, Umair Nizam, Event Director, ITCN Asia, expressed optimism about the future of Pakistan’s technology landscape. “Pakistan’s IT, telecom and allied industries are poised for a promising era, marked by widespread adoption of technological advancements in various facets of life,” Nizam noted. He highlighted the country’s proactive approach in embracing modern applications and trends, signaling a shift towards digital transformation.

Nizam further highlighted the strategic direction set by the Special Investment Facilitation Council (SIFC) and the incumbent government, which will facilitate the expansion of Pakistan’s technological footprint into new markets in the Gulf region while strengthening existing partnerships in Western markets.

ITCN Asia continues to uphold its legacy as the premier platform for stakeholders across the technology spectrum, including policymakers, foreign investors, global technology giants, telecom operators and consumers. It provides a dynamic environment where participants can explore the latest innovations, forge strategic partnerships and take advantage of emerging opportunities tailored to their specific interests and requirements.

The event is proudly supported by key stakeholders in Pakistan’s technology ecosystem including Ministry of IT and Telecom, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), Special Investment Facilitation Council (SIFC), Pakistan Software Export Board (PSEB) and the Pakistan IT Authority. Trade association (P@SHA).

As the curtains rise on the 24th edition of ITCN Asia, all eyes are on Lahore as the country reaffirms its status as a hub of innovation and technological advancement, poised to shape the future of Pakistan’s digital landscape. Stay tuned for in-depth coverage and insights on this historic event.