Netflix members are canceling their subscriptions due to massive plan changes

It seems like many different Netflix members are making the decision to cancel their subscriptions due to a huge subscription change. It’s no surprise that the streaming service has been actively making changes to perform better in a modern streaming era with many different competitors.

However, in terms of this change, it seems like the streaming service has gone a little too far for some members. The change will impact viewers in Britain and Canada. This fits into the streaming service’s format of making changes in several areas before expanding to others.

Here are some details about the change:

“A mass email to customers explained that Netflix will end its basic ad-free subscription in the UK and Canada later this year.” As such, subscribers will be effectuated with the platform’s basic plan. As Metro UK added: it “will be automatically enrolled at the lowest level of the company – including ads inserted into TV shows and movies.”

Netflix already introduced different price levels in 2023, including a basic subscription of £7.99 per month without ads. It is the members of this particular subscription who, after this year’s new change, will be sent to a level of £4.99. Although the first was ad-free, this one contains ads. On the plus side, it looks like the 720p quality will be bumped up to 1080p – albeit with ads in between.

If subscribers want to avoid ads, they will need to upgrade to the £10.99 per month plan. Moreover, this plan allows users to view multiple devices at the same time. Those willing to pay £17.99 for their membership will receive Ultra HD content, in addition to using four devices at once.

The change is something that users are not particularly happy about. Here are some of the complaints shared on X where Netflix subscribers have threatened to delete their accounts and cancel subscriptions over the decision:

It’s certainly an interesting step forward for Netflix, and one that suggests some new changes are on the way. Stay tuned to ScreenGeek for any additional updates regarding the streaming platform and other services as we have them.