Comcast to offer ‘StreamSaver’ bundle including Peacock, Netflix and Apple TV+

Let’s get the latest news about the streaming vs. cable warz:

“These three products will be available at a deeply discounted price compared to anything currently on the market and will be available to all of our customers,” Roberts told the MoffettNathanson Media, Internet & Communications Conference during a session webcast Tuesday .”

Pagan has written about this before, the idea that we’re in a stupid cycle where we all cut the cord, then these a la carte apps get bundled together and we just end up back where we started.

In this case, it’s noted that the service will be available to Comcast broadband subscribers, so if you cut the cord but still use Comcast as your Internet provider, you’ll be eligible for the Peacock/Netflix/Apple TV+ triad. From our perspective, the notable angle here is: 1) Peacock hosts sports programming and 2) Apple TV+ has the MLS rights. One of the popular theories is that Comcast will phase out regional sports networks like NBC Sports Philadelphia and/or instead offer Flyers, Sixers and Phillies games on Peacock. You’ve seen this start to take shape in other markets outside of Philadelphia, and even here and there, with the Phils being moved to random shifts on random days. And in the Union area, you also have to buy the “MLS Season Pass” in addition to Apple TV+, so the bundling doesn’t necessarily open the door to more exposure for the local soccer team since they have a double paywall. The wind is blowing and it is having a negative impact on the US.

It’s fascinating to see all this happening. We’re currently in a moment where there are so many streaming options and individual apps that the big companies are now trying to find ways to package and bundle customers and lure them in with the best values.