Prince Albert II and his children attend the Chokola Show awards ceremony

The first edition of the event was a great success. The first prize went to a student from the Pavillon Bosio.

The eight art students in competition with competing art students discovered their 12 kg chocolate block on May 2. They had a week to turn the raw product into a real work of art. The theme was the Historic Grand Prix, and the artists certainly stuck to the brief, creating chocolate sculptures of iconic Formula 1 cars.


Organized by the Monaco International Hub organization and chaired by Maria Bologna, a journalist and Monegasque resident, the first edition of Chokolashow was a feast for the eyes and the taste buds.

There were some sweet treats to enjoy while admiring the new creations at Tunnel Riva. The artist Caroline Bergonzi had created a chocolate painting as a tribute to Lia Riva.

Caroline Bergonzzi and her chocolate tribute © All rights reserved

Among the eight competing students from the Pavillon Bosio and the Sanremo Academy of Fine Arts, it was Valentine Trassy, ​​​​a third-year student from the Bosio Pavilion, who was chosen for the very first first prize of Chokolashow, thanks to her Maserati 250F.

Valentine Trassy, ​​​​the winner of the competition © All rights reserved
Valentine Trassy’s Maserati 250F © All rights reserved

Prince Albert II and his children, Hereditary Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella, came by on Thursday to view the chocolate sculptures during the first edition of the Chokola Show, in Tunnel Riva. The princely family took the opportunity to sample some of the chocolates from the workshops at the event, and they each signed a block of chocolate.

Block chocolate signBlock chocolate sign
The chocolate block signed by the princely family © All rights reserved

After the competition, each statue was auctioned to benefit eight charities. The block signed by Prince Albert II and his children was also purchased. A total of €5,000 was raised for charities.

Please note for next year’s students: the 2025 edition will be all about… sailing!