WeRoad launches OOH acquisition of 239 locations in Manchester as part of UK expansion drive

WeRoad, the adventure travel brand that brings individual travelers together for unique adventures, has launched its first-ever Manchester-focused out-of-home (OOH) campaign.

Through witty copy that appeals to the target demographic and UGC content showcasing real customers, WeRoad’s marketing campaign in Manchester aims to inspire travelers to embrace adventurous group explorations with new friends.

Since WeRoad’s successful launch in the UK in 2022, the company has launched four OOH campaigns in the UK. This will be their first campaign in Manchester, and from May 6 to 19, the brand’s striking Once in a Lifetime Adventures OOH advertising campaign will dominate 239 high-visibility locations across the city, including bus stops, tram stops, pedestrian walkways and roads. , and train stations in a combination of static and digital formats: 4 sheets, 6 sheets, 6 digital sheets and 48 sheets.

The powerful, city-wide marketing blitz cements WeRoad as a key player in the UK travel market, following last year’s major London campaign.

The vibrant OOH ads showcase the cool user-generated photos of WeRoad’s small group tours around the world. Selfie-style shots immerse viewers in destinations such as the pyramids of Giza, the jungles of Sri Lanka, the peaks of Patagonia and the Sahara. Playful slogans like “Ever walked through the land of fire?” and “Ever travel through time?” culminating with the call to action “Have you ever done a WeRoad?”

“Following our successful campaign in London and growth in the UK, we are pleased to acquire Manchester and introduce our ‘once in a lifetime’ travel experiences to the local community,” said Fabio Bin, CMO and co-founder of WeRoad. “Our real traveler photos highlight the unique, bucket-list adventures that await you with WeRoad, offering a glimpse into our incredible travels and community values.”

He added: “Our debut in Manchester is a huge milestone as WeRoad expands across the UK.

As the coolest city in the north, Manchester provided us with an ideal opportunity to connect its diverse population and ambitious travellers. We knew we had to go all out and really immerse ourselves in the adventurous spirit of the city, and capture the attention of adventurous explorers looking for authentic and engaging travel experiences.”

Creative design and sourcing for the campaign was handled by WeRoad’s in-house team, with space provided by JCD and Global. In addition to OOH advertising, the Once in a Lifetime Adventures push includes:

● WeRoad’s own signature events “WeMeets” in local bars and pubs around the city.

● Surprise intimate music concerts in collaboration with the global music community Sofar Sounds

● Weekly outdoor yoga sessions with The Wellness Hub to integrate with the community

● A ‘WeRoad takeover’ at Kampus, one of the coolest hang-out spaces in the city for the summer with live music, activations, drinks and entertainment.