Qatar’s travel and tourism sector will add $25 billion to the economy by 2024: report

Qatar’s travel and tourism sector will contribute a record QAR 90.8 billion ($24.94 billion) to the economy by 2024, accounting for 11.3 percent of Qatar’s total economy. The latest Economic Impact Research (EIR) 2024 from the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) also shows that the sector will support more than 334,500 jobs across the country, or 15.8 percent of the total workforce.

The WTTC also expects international traveler spending to rise significantly to a record high of QAR69.6 billion ($19.12 billion) by 2024. Moreover, the country expects domestic spending to reach QAR12 billion ($3.30 billion). Therefore, Qatar’s continued efforts to increase public-private partnerships have boosted the travel and tourism sector and created more diverse and immersive experiences for visitors.

“Qatar’s travel and tourism sector is poised to break records this year, underscoring its importance as a leading destination in the Middle East,” said Julia Simpson, President & CEO of WTTC.

The WTTC expects Qatar’s travel and tourism sector to grow its annual GDP contribution to over QAR135 billion ($37.08 billion) by 2034. That is almost 13 percent of the national economy. Furthermore, it expects the sector to employ almost 458,000 people across the country, with one in five residents working in the sector.

Overview 2023

Last year, the Qatari travel and tourism sector’s contribution to GDP grew by 31 percent, reaching a record high of QAR81.2 billion. The sector has also positioned itself as a vital source of employment, creating over 20,300 new jobs and increasing its total contribution to almost 286,000 nationwide. In addition, domestic visitor expenditure reached a record high of QAR1.4 billion.

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Tourism in the Middle East

In addition to Qatar, the WTTC revealed that the Middle East’s travel and tourism sector saw a 25 percent increase in 2023, reaching almost $460 billion. In addition, the sector created approximately 7.75 million jobs. International spending also rose by 50 percent to $179.8 billion, while domestic spending grew by 16.5 percent to $205 billion.

Looking ahead, the WTTC expects the region’s travel and tourism sector to grow to $507 billion and the number of jobs to increase to 8.3 million. In addition, the country expects international visitor spending to reach $198 billion and domestic visitor spending to exceed $224 billion.

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