After making record profits, Emirates surprises employees with a huge bonus

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Following record profitability, Emirates has announced a profit-sharing formula for its staff. The Dubai-based airline has done well to recognize the fundamental importance of its workforce to its success and the generous incentives will certainly increase and maintain staff loyalty.

Emirates announces generous profit sharing for employees for the second year in a row

After announcing record profits of $4.7 billion in 2023, Emirates will share the wealth with its workforce of more than 110,000 employees. Employees receive a bonus equal to twenty weeks of basic salary, essentially (and not exaggeratedly) one enormous bonus.

Emirates employees are not unionized and have no job protection. Thousands were laid off via email during the pandemic, abruptly ending not only their livelihoods but also their ability to stay in Dubai. But Emirates has been generous to employees in the past and last year also handed out a generous bonus equivalent to 24 weeks of basic salary (that is, overtime or other extras are not included).

Why only 20 weeks instead of 24 weeks when profits are up 62% in 2023? Well, I guess 2023 is kind of… mea culpa for Emirates; a chance to make up for the years of the pandemic. Workers may still have no material rights, but money makes many problems disappear.

I completely agree with One Mile At A Time that this really means the world to so many flight attendants (including one I know from South Africa who is over the moon). Many flight attendants live alone in Dubai with the rest of their families in their home country. Their position at Emirates not only supports them, but also provides vital support for their families at home. What a true blessing this bonus will be, and also a rightful recognition that the appeal of Emirtares is its excellent staff (particularly the flight attendants, but also the ground crew).

Congratulations to Emirates for the record profits and compliments for taking care of your employees in this regard.

image: Emirates