Twenty high school students participated in MAIB’s financial education program

Through the maib financial education program, another group of students has acquired new skills and valuable tools to navigate the financial field as it applies to everyday life.

During the visit maib park and the financial education lesson, the twenty high school students from the 12th grade of the “Dimitrie Cantemir” high school in the capital learned how to improve their budget management, which banking products and services to choose according to their needs, and how the world of financial work in general.

In addition to the general knowledge acquired, the students went on a trip to the maib park branch and head office, where they had the opportunity to discover the bank’s capabilities and philosophy and explore the technologies it applies maib that make the customer experience simpler, easier and more enjoyable.

Participants in the financial education class:

“The visit allowed us to get acquainted maib headquarters, learn about various subtleties of finance and have an immersive experience.

The building impressed me with its versatility, clear design and the way the branch spaces are organized. The trainers were professional and friendly. They presented the material in a fascinating and interactive way and were very open to our questions.”

“The financial literacy class helped us discover more about maib‘s activities, history, services and technologies of the bank. The trainers told us about the possibilities offered by maib and how the bank works, and they were very knowledgeable and responsive. It was great to see how banking systems work from the inside and understand their role in the economy.”

“Visiting maib park was a fun and educational experience. I learned many exciting things about the history of banks and current trends in banking. Maib employees showed professionalism and charisma, making this visit a memorable journey through the banking world.”

In 2023, more than 500 students from educational institutions in the capital participated maib financial education lessons.

Students up to the age of 14 can participate in the usual financial education classes by registering [email protected].

In 2023, the bank launched the maib edu financial education project for all age groups. We encourage you to continue learning about financial literacy! You can discover more useful articles here or on the maib edu social media pages.

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