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Dive straight into the extravagant and mind-boggling world of Netflix’s latest offering, Super rich in Korea. Promising a glimpse into Seoul’s most opulent pockets, this new series delivers glitz and glamor with the subtlety of a sledgehammer. It’s time to strap in for a rollercoaster ride through luxury, laughter and occasionally ridiculousness. If you haven’t seen the series yet, read on for our thoughts on it, and or a Super rich in Korea season 2 is planned.

PrestigeOnline rating: 3.5/5
Genre: Reality TV, unscripted drama
Form: Aren Yoo, Noor Naim, David Yong, Anna Kim, Teodoro Marani, BamBam, Mimi and Cho Sae-Ho (Jo Se-Ho).
Director: Yuh Woon-Hyuk
Duration: 7 episodes of 30 minutes each
When and where to watch: From May 7 on Netflix

As audiences around the world binge-watch this glitzy portrayal of Seoul’s wealthiest elites, one can’t help but get caught up in the bling and drama. But is this show more than just the shiny veneer? Will the reality TV show return for season 2? Us Super rich in Korea review contains everything you need to know.

Judgement: Super rich in Korea

Super rich in Korea titillates the audience with a dazzling display of wealth, as the affluent characters flit from one luxury experience to another. From extravagant fashion shows in Seoul’s trendiest neighborhoods to flashy parties that would make Gatsby jealous, the series makes no attempt to tone down the flamboyance.

Beneath the brilliance, however, the show often struggles with depth.

Super rich in korea review
Super rich in Korea follows the extravagant lives of Seoul’s wealthiest. (Image: Netflix)

The show features a kaleidoscope of characters, each a caricature of wealth. From Aren Yoo, the fashionista who has never been spotted in the same dress twice, to David Yong, the Singaporean mogul who dangles his wealth like a set of shiny car keys as he shows off the money counting machine in his living room. Their lives unfold in grand locations from Seoul to Paris, with each episode exuding more luxury than a diamond-studded watch.

But don’t be fooled. Super rich in Korea is ultimately a superficial view of wealth and wealth. The series seems to sprint through its 30-minute episodes, leaving a trail of unfinished storylines and rushed vignettes that promise more than they deliver.

Take David, the so-called king of bling, who unashamedly flaunts his wealth. His adventures, ranging from jet-setting on a private plane to house hunting for penthouses with private elevators, may make for good television, but they lack substance.

From constantly commenting on his appearance to naming his own Rolls Royce, Yong is the archetype of reality TV madness. His interactions with Teodoro Marani, an Italian heir, provide a touch of humor but add little depth. While David might identify as “Singapore’s top 1%”, Teo emerges as a crowd favorite because of his multifaceted personality: he cooks, he knows fashion, he owns businesses and he is perhaps the most attractive member of the cast.

The women, led by Aren, flutter across the screen, their stories as thin as the fabrics of their never-repeated outfits. Meanwhile, Noor, the self-made influencer from Iraq, offers a rare glimpse of courage in this beautiful world, her story tinged with a realism that is quickly swept under the Persian rug.

However, her grounded upbringing only gets a few precious minutes of airtime before the show quickly returns to more glamorous moments. In another scene, Noor and Anna Kim go for beauty treatments, with the former convincing her to invest in a $20 million salon membership, because girl, how could you not?

Super rich in korea review
The show is hosted by comedian Cho Sae-Ho, singer Mimi and pop sensation BamBam. (Image: Netflix)

The show is presented by a trio with comedian Cho Sae-Ho, pop sensation BamBam and singer Mimi and often tends towards the absurd. Their commentary is intended as a spoonful of sugar to help take the edge off the opulence, but often it’s more saccharine than insightful. The attempt at humor sometimes hits, sometimes fails, and sometimes you wonder if there’s a joke you just aren’t privileged enough to understand.

Additionally, the story structure, while tight, can feel repetitive at times. Each episode usually follows a similar pattern: introduce a lavish setting, stir in a dash of conflict, and resolve it in time for the next party. This predictability doesn’t detract from the visual feast the show provides, but it does make you wonder about the potential for a more compelling storyline.

Finally, Super rich in Korea feels like a missed opportunity and a concept shot to death by Netflix. While still incredibly entertaining for anyone who enjoys watching the rich, it’s a voyeuristic glimpse into a world of untouchable wealth, served with a dash of lukewarm satire that neither educates nor entertains. It is a show that is rich in images, but lacks everything that makes a reality show recognizable or meaningful. While you may be immersed in the drama, don’t expect to come away with anything more profound than a passing envy of the super-rich and their diamond-encrusted lifestyle.

Best episodes and moments from Super rich in Korea

Super rich in korea review
David Yong deserves a special mention for his unapologetic confidence and dirty one-liners. (Image: Netflix)

We have our suggestions if you just want to get to the fun bits. Episodes 1 and 2 take the audience into the cast members’ homes, which is interesting to see as it allows you to understand their lives away from the cameras. From Aren’s designer dressing room to David’s Signiel apartment, the montages are important parts of the story.

In addition to the introductions, we also loved episode 4, where David and Teo went on a double date with their potential partners. Watching David navigate a romantic interaction was the highlight of the series. His unapologetic confidence, filthy one-liners, and flamboyant clothes may be the only nice things that save this otherwise repetitive reality TV drama.

Episode 2’s cultural foray into Pakistan stands out not because of its connection to the overarching theme, but because it temporarily elevates the show from its self-created superficiality. Here, the series briefly explores themes of heritage and home, offering a rare, authentic look at Anna’s personal life beyond the glitter.

Is Super rich in Korea will you be back for season 2?

Super rich in korea review
In the final episode, the cast members make kimchi and Korean pancakes. (Image: Netflix)

Although the show has been trending on Netflix since its release on May 7, there has been no official confirmation as to whether this is the case Super rich in Korea will return for season 2. However, looking at the success of the series, it is likely that the streaming giant will give the green signal for a follow-up season. We’ll have to wait and see.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Netflix show about super rich Koreans?

The new Netflix show Super rich in Korea looks at five of Korea’s richest socialites, ranging from expats to locals. The scriptless drama is hosted by comedian Cho Sae-Ho, pop sensation BamBam and singer Mimi, who look at the lavish lives of Aren Yoo Hee-ra, Anna Kim, Teodoro Marani, David Yong and Noor Naim.

Has Super rich in Korea renewed for season 2?

Netflix has not officially announced a season 2 yet Super rich in Koreabut based on the popularity of the reality TV show since it premiered on May 7, this could be a possibility.