British viewers shocked by ‘fully erect’ penis scene in new Netflix drama

British viewers shocked by 'fully erect' penis scene in new Netflix drama

The scene left absolutely nothing to the imagination

Netflix is ​​under fire after viewers were confronted with ‘low-quality porn’ in its latest drama.

The series broke the ‘last TV taboo’ when one of the main characters revealed his fully erect penis.

This is believed to be the first time a boner has been fully exposed in a mainstream drama on British TV.

And people are not impressed, with everyone out Glasses case stars for MPs dealing with the brutal scene.

The one from Netflix A man in full size – Based on the best-selling novel of the same name by Tom Wolfe, real estate magnate Charlie Croker (Jeff Daniels) defends his empire against those who try to profit from his sudden fall from grace.

The synopsis on the streaming giant’s website reads: “Faced with ruthless enemies and sudden bankruptcy, an Atlanta real estate mogul must fight his way back to the top as his empire begins to crumble.”

The six-part series received generally mixed reviews, but the final episode left viewers in shock, with a sight that was hard to ignore.

In the episode, actor Tom Pelphrey’s character, Raymond Peepgrass, has just taken some Viagra. He then drops his sheet in front of Croker to reveal… well, everything.

Tom Pelphrey and Bill Camp in A Man in Full.  (Netflix)

Tom Pelphrey and Bill Camp in A Man in Full. (Netflix)

Although the show includes a warning for “sex, language, sex reference, sexual images, injury details,” no warning is given whatsoever for the scene.

And it’s not surprising that people have a lot to say about it.

Maria Killen- Glasses case star and columnist at the Spectator – said: “I don’t want to see explicit sexual images when I watch a drama. There’s already too much and it reduces us to nothing better than barnyard animals.

“Viewers should not be forced to watch pornography. This trend will end in tears because it is depressing, not mysterious, and takes away some of the magic of life.”

Radio 4 contributor Anne Atkins wrote: “Where are the limits now, Netflix? A visibly erect penis is not only repulsive to many normal viewers, but artistically completely unnecessary: ​​a glance down, a raised eyebrow would have done much more.”

Viewers were stunned to see a graphic nude scene in the latest episode.  (Netflix)

Viewers were stunned to see a graphic nude scene in the latest episode. (Netflix)

And Tory MP Alexander Stafford said: “If Netflix is ​​offering this kind of low-grade, pornographic nonsense, we need to give Ofcom full oversight of the streaming giant’s output as soon as possible.”

The scene has highlighted concerns about the regulation of streaming services, with concerns that children are at risk.

Fellow Tory MP Sara Britcliffe added: “Streaming services are available at all times of the day, so catchment protections do not apply.”

And Tanya Carter of the Safe Schools Alliance said: “We are once again left wondering why the government is failing to take action on this multi-faceted attack on childhood.”

Netflix has contacted LADbible for comment.

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