Indo Count acquires private label WAMSUTTA to strengthen’s portfolio

NEW YORK – Indo Count Industries Limited, a leading manufacturer and exporter of bedding from India, has announced the acquisition of international home fashion brand WAMSUTTA from Beyond, Inc. (NYSE: BYON). The transaction, which closed on April 18, 2024, will strengthen Indo Count’s brand portfolio and consolidate its presence in the premium market segment.

WAMSUTTA, known for its high-quality bed and bath products, brings with it a heritage dating back to 1846. The acquisition is expected to fuel the growth of the brand under the leadership of Indo Count. Executive Vice Chairman Mohit Jain conveyed his optimism about the acquisition and highlighted the opportunity to expand WAMSUTTA’s reach and introduce its luxury offering to a broader consumer base.

Indo Count plans to use its operational capabilities to strengthen the brand’s value proposition and leverage WAMSUTTA’s established brand equity combined with Indo Count’s global footprint. This move represents a significant development in Indo Count’s expansion strategy.

Indo Count Industries Ltd is recognized as a leading global home textile bedding manufacturer with a significant international presence. The company has an annual capacity of 153 million meters and has received stable credit ratings from ICRA and CARE Ratings, reflecting its strong financial position.

Beyond, Inc., the retailer and e-commerce specialist, operates a portfolio of online store brands including (NYSE:) and Bed Bath & Beyond, among others. The company’s focus is on connecting consumers with products and services that enhance the potential of their home.

This acquisition is based on a press release and aims to provide Indo Count with a strategic advantage in the competitive home fashion market. Terms of the deal have not been made public.

InvestingPro Insights

In the wake of the recent divestiture by Beyond, Inc. (NYSE: BYON) from the WAMSUTTA brand to Indo Count Industries Limited, the financials and market sentiment surrounding BYON provide a critical backdrop to understanding the context of the deal.

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Furthermore, the stock has seen significant volatility, as evidenced by a significant six-month total price return of 43.34%, contrasted with a sharp one-month decline in total price return of -32.19%. This could reflect investors’ reactions to company-specific events or broader market conditions.

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